Streetlegaltshirts - Buisness is "closed" but they still take orders

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So I purchased a shirt from about a month ago (06/06/10) and everything went fine, they charged me, it processed, I got the email confirmation, etc.So 3 weeks later I still haven't recieved it so I try and find a number which they don't have on their website or anywhere then I try two different emails and neither work.

Finnaly I try and report them to the BBB only to find out they have closed down.

There still taking orders though.Just wanted to post this to warn anyone of Thanks

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I have bought from them a number of times and never had a problem. They have a customer service number on the site; just call them about your order.


I ordered a shirt on oct 25th and its now Nov 7th they took my $ and I even emailed them and no response.Ok this really sucks.

Has anyone got there products or even there $ back?Let me know please..


I got one of two t-shirts that i ordered in Nov.2011..

but now in July 2012 i still havent got the second one and now , since they constantly are SOLD OUT on anyone i choose as a replacement for the backordered one, they say they will refund me.Will be interesting to see if i get any money back...


I ordered a shirt on 4/28/2012 and am still waiting. has anyone been able to get their money back? please email me with any help if possible


I bought two shirts. Called info and there is no listing for them. It's a scam


Well then they should have closed the old website and not accepted the payment. Not a business I would trust with my money.


WARNING PEOPLE.Do no listen to those who say street legal t shirts is a reputable company.

I purchased a couple t shirts a month back and still have not received it, nor have they replied to any of my emails. And Trust me I ordered from their new website. Those who are recommending it most likely work for the company and are out to scam you.

What type of company doesn't have a number that you can contact??Don't make the same mistake I did.


I bought a shirt from this place, they charged the money to my credit card, but they never sent me a confirmation of order email, so I wrote a mail to them, which never responded and never sent the shirt.It's been 2 months and I'm still waiting for news of this place.

I was duped by these people.Do not buy from this site :(!


same problem over here, I purchased it, about a month later I have got NO confirmation e-mail or any kind of notification from this website. I wonder if "Shopping Diva" or "T-Shirt Joe" are somewhat related to the website.


I had the same thing. Get your money back with paypal.

I send them two email, no reaction whatsoever. Contacting paypal worked. Suddenly they are replying. They send me:

Dear xxxx

We regret to inform you that the t-shirts you purchased via our website are on backorder in the size you chose. We have issued a full refund to your credit card account, which should appear in your statement in a few business days. Below, you will see a confirmation of your refund. We will notify you when these items become available in the size you ordered.

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience,

Best regards,

The customer Service Team

Wich is ridiculous i order 5 shirts :P

Do not buy shirts from this site!!

If you have, get your money back with paypal


Well what the *** is the new website??? If your sooooo confident, you would have left the link for the pissed off customers.


Well that's the difference between Macy's and Bloomingdales, they have actual numbers to call and stores to go to.This is a bad business and you must work for them.

They would have sent my product if they were a good business or maybe responded to my email or refunded me.

That's a good business, but whatever, I just want people to know about this garbage shirt business.Don't trust it.

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Online businesses usually get complaints from unhappy customers who also contact the BBB to get more support, but that doesn't mean that the company in question is bad; it's the nature of the business.All major retailers such as Macy's, Bloomingdales,Walmart, etc have unresolved issues that are reported by the BBB.

I have been buying my t-shirts from for years and I haven't had any problems.They sell the best quality t-shirts and coolest designs on the web.


So 1.) what is the real website? 2.) The BBB tried to contact them through mail and e-mail and did not respond to them and got a bad mark through them so they must not be that great of a business.


Who said this business is closed? this is the only t-shirt website that has cool original t-shirts and their service is very good, I recommended to all my friends and relatives.

to T-shirt Joe Tampa, Florida, United States #648869

What is the new website if it's the 2013 one they no longer even take e-mails

Sparta, North Carolina, United States #207170 is not closed; they just changed their website, you must have placed your order through the old website. I have been buying my tees from them for years and never had any problems.

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